Graduation ceremony for MSE MSU 2023 undergraduate and graduate students took place on July1

On July 1, a diploma awarding ceremony for MSE MSU Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates of the year 2023 was held. In addition to professors and faculty leaders, representatives of the MSE MSU Public Board of Trustees came to congratulate the graduates of the Moscow School of Economics.

Traditionally, the ceremony was opened by MSE MSU Director Academician A.D. Nekipelov. Alexander Dmitrievich warmly congratulated the graduates and wished them success in their new adult life.

On behalf of the MSE MSU Board of Trustees, graduates were congratulated by:

  • Nikolai Petrovich Tokarev (Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the MSE MSU, Chairman of the Board, President of Transneft)
  • Irina Eduardovna Bogatova (Head of the Higher Education Program of the Volnoe Delo Social Innovation Support Fund, graduate of the MSE MSU Master’s program in 2011)

This year, out of forty-six undergraduate graduates, eleven people receive diplomas with honors:  

  • Antonyuk Ekaterina Andreevna
  • Gribanova Alexandra Sergeevna
  • Gurbanova Sabrina Rzaevna
  • Magomedov Makhach Tagirovich
  • Nosov Maxim Yurievich
  • Romanova Elizaveta Sergeevna
  • Froimchuk Anzhela Valerievna
  • Khodakovsky Mikhail Stanislavovich
  • Horik Alexandra Alekseevna
  • Shuleshchenko Ilya Vladimirovich
  • Epelbaum Nikita Kirillovich

Of the thirty-one graduates of the English-language Master’s programme, two Chinese citizens received diplomas with honors:                  

  • Tamana Geming        
  • Mo Qiqi

In 2023, thirty-five people graduated from the Russian-language master’s program, eight of them received diplomas with honors:

  • Abakumova Irina Stanislavovna
  • Lobanova Anastasia Aleksandrovna
  • Mierov Ilham Godovich
  • Priymak Irina Igorevna
  • Stogniy Lydia Evgenievna
  • Wu Shang
  • Jiang Ling
  • Shabunevich Eduard Olegovich

At the ceremony, the following bachelor graduates were honoured with certificates of appreciation in the category “Outstanding Academic Achievements”: 

  • Gurbanova Sabrina Rzaevna
  • Romanova Elizaveta Sergeevna
  • Khodakovsky Mikhail Stanislavovich
  • Horik Alexandra Alekseevna

and master’s degree graduates: 

  • Mierov Ilham Godovich (“Economic and Financial Strategy”)
  • Abakumova Irina Stanislavovna (“Economic and financial strategy”)
  • Mo Qiqi (Graduate of the English-language «Global Finance and Economics» Masters Programme)

In the category “Excellence in Community Service for the Good of the Faculty”, honourable mentions were given to undergraduate graduates:

  • Epelbaum Nikita Kirillovich

And a graduate of the master’s program, who studied in the direction of “Economics and mathematical methods”:

  • Shabunevich Eduard Olegovich

Traditionally, a silver badge was awarded to the best Bachelor’s student in terms of academic performance over the whole period of study. This year the badge was awarded to Ilya Shuleshchenko.

Three gold badges were also awarded to graduates of the Russian-language Master’s programme who were recognised as the best achievers over the whole period of their studies. This year the gold badges were awarded to:

  • Lobanova Anastasia Aleksandrovna (Open Economy in the Modern World)
  • Priymak Irina Igorevna (“Economics and Mathematical Methods”)
  • Stogniy Lydia Evgenievna (“Economic and Financial Strategy”)

The gold badge was also received by a graduate of the English-language master’s program, who studied in the direction of “International Economics and Finance” 

  • Tamana Geming (citizen of the People’s Republic of China)

The 2023 graduates were warmly congratulated by their teachers and mentors:

  • Deputy Director of MSE MSU Academician Polterovich V.M.
  • MSE MSU Professor and Director of the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Golovnin M.Y.
  • Associate Professor of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines, Ph.D. Shcherbakova E.I.
  • Senior Lecturer of the Department of Econometrics and Mathematical Methods of Economics Mironenkov A.A.
  • Senior Lecturer of the Department of General Economic Theory Kukushkin D.S., (Master’s graduate of MSE MSU in 2011).

On June 29, diplomas with honors in the assembly hall of the main building of Moscow State University were received by the best graduates of Moscow University in 2023, including the best graduates of the Moscow School of Economics of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov (see the news on our website of June 30)

Farewell, our dear bachelors and masters of the year 2023! We heartily congratulate you on receiving your diplomas from the main university of our country – Moscow University – and on the beginning of your adult life! We are always glad to see you within the walls of the Moscow School of Economics of Moscow State University!


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