The main difference between the MSE MSU and other economic educational institutions lies in the form and methods of education. Students will have constant and direct contact with leading economists, often – not just economists, but the founders of entire areas and schools. The program will go far beyond the economic mainstream. The most important education form of the MSE is a scientific seminar, during which scientists discuss current problems of economic science and practice with students. And, of course, the curriculum of the MSE MSU includes a lot of practice in the leading academic institutions of Russia.

Opened in 2017, the two international master’s programs – Master of Science in Global Finance and Economics and the International joint educational master’s program with the University of Primorska (Koper, Slovenia) “Economics and Finance” giving diplomas of both universities – are the first and so far the only ones taught at the MSE implemented entirely in English.

Students from many countries, including the United States, Germany, China, Japan, India, Spain, Serbia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Iran, Swaziland, and Russia, take part in the International Economics and Finance education programme aimed at training a quality new generation of professionals with modern knowledge and key skills in the field of international finance and economics corresponding to the modern labour market requirements.

English-languaged programme prepared by Lomonosov Moscow state University together with the University of Primorska, (Koper, Slovenia), Economics and Finance, aims to use the best educational resources of the two universities (curricula, teaching materials, teaching staff, etc.) to train highly qualified specialists with a high level of foreign language proficiency, excellent knowledge and experience of international cooperation. Graduates receive diplomas of the MSE and the University of Primorsk.

By definition, there are not so many famous economists that every economic higher education institution has their own “various and good” ones. The tutors are always fewer than students. For lecturers of the MSE MSU level (Academicians, correspondent members of RAS, PhDs) it’s quite usual to lecture in different universities. By the way, this is a regular practice all over the world. That is why Professors from leading European and North American universities read courses at the MSE MSU.

In general, from the teaching level point of view, they are tutors teaching at the relevant university who are important and not where else they work.

A specialist with a diploma of MSE MSU, of course, will be able to work successfully in business, but the education itself given by the school is not particularly business education. MSE MSU provides fundamental knowledge in the field of economic theory, contributes to the formation of students’ professional ideas about the functioning of the Russian economy. It’s not an MBA program training captains of business. The Moscow School of Economics trains generals of economics.

Specialists trained at the MSE MSU will be needed in federal and regional authorities, science and higher education institutions of Russia and large corporations.