MSE Chairs
  • to receive knowledge within the framework of educational programs implemented at the faculty;
  • attend lectures, seminars and practical classes held at the MSE and other faculties;
  • receive military education in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. MSE MSU students (citizens of the Russian Federation), in accordance with the current legislation, receive a delay from conscription for the period of study at the MSU;
  • MSE students military training is conducted at the Moscow State University military training faculty as a separate program;
  • Take part in any kind of research activities, including participation in scientific conferences and seminars held both in Moscow State University and in other educational and scientific centers in Russia and abroad;
  • To use the library fund of the Moscow State University along with the library of the Moscow State University and, with the permission of the dean, get access to the training and research funds of other libraries and archives, museums and other institutions if necessary;
  • Use the MSE computer classes and access to electronic sources of information in the education process;
  • Use sports and wellness centers, MSE cultural institutions, benefits and grants from the MSU and MSE student council.
  • To visit all classes within the scheduled time, to complete all control and course works provided by the curriculum;
  • To acquire knowledge and skills necessary for the future economist of high qualification;
  • Attend planned events (scientific and practical seminars, conferences, course meetings, cultural and educational lectures, etc.);
  • Follow requirements of the MSU Charter, the provisions of the MSE, as well as the internal regulations of the MSE and the rules of residence in the hostel;
  • To be careful about property and premises of the MSE MSU;
  • To observe moral and ethical norms of public life, to respect and support the traditions of MSU and MSE.
Fire service (Emmercom)




Emergency medical care


Emergency gas service




Operational duty at MSU

+7 (495) 939 11 11

MSU Helpline

+7 (495) 939 50 51

Moscow State University fire department (round the clock)

+7 (495) 939 37 50

MSU Department of internal affairs duty unit (round the clock)

+7 (495) 939 28 32

MSU main control room

+7 (495) 939 26 07

Dormitories management duty person

+7 (495) 939 38 14

1. MSU main building
2. The intellectual center, the fundamental library
4. MSU Collective use center
5. Humanities building 2
6. Physics faculty
7. Chemical faculty
8. Canteen
9. The faculty of biology and the faculty of soil science
10. Laboratory building B
11. Laboratory building A
12. Research Institute of Mechanics, Moscow State University
13. Humanities building 1
14. Athletics arena
15. 20th building
16. 3-hall building
17. Football stadium
18. Baseball stadium
19. SAI
20. MSU science park
21. Nonlinear optics building
22. The Monument To M.V. Lomonosov
23. Sberbank, Cafe Max
25. Faculty of foreign languages and regional studies
26. Faculty of fundamental medicine
27. Scientific library
28. Printing house
29. Faculty of journalism
30. House of culture, the Church of St. Tatiana
31. MSU publishing house
32. Institute of Asia and Africa countries
33. Faculty of psychology
34. Zoological museum
35. 1st academic building