Nekipelov Alexander Dmitriyevich
Nekipelov Alexander DmitriyevichHead of MSE MSU
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, author and co-author of more than 200 scientific publications including several monographies. Many of his works were published abroad. A specialist in comparative research and Economic Systems Function and Management Theory. In 2004 he was elected by the MSU Academic Council to be the head of a new MSU faculty – Moscow School of of Economics. Alexander Nekipelov was awarded with the order “For Merit to the Fatherland” II class in 1999, “For Merit to the Fatherland” IV class in 2006 and The Order of Honour of 2010.
Room 201
Shakin Sergey Vyacheslavovich
Shakin Sergey VyacheslavovichFirst deputy director till January19, 2023
Sergey Shakin has been the first deputy director of the MSE since its foundation in 2004.
His tireless enthusiasm has largely contributed to our faculty being a renowned and appealing education centre for Russia and other countries.
Polterovich Viktor Meerovich
Polterovich Viktor MeerovichDeputy director
Member of RAS, professor. Head of CEMI RAS Laboratory of Mathematical Economics.
Fellow of the Econometric Society, member of the European Academy. Winner of the N.D.Kondratiev prize and RAS Presidium L.V.Kantorovich prize.
Member of Scientific councils of several leading universities and research centers. Multiple member of the UN Committee for Development Policy.
Room 203
Iakovlev Artem Aleksandrovich
Iakovlev Artem AleksandrovichDeputy director
PhD in Economics, Associate professor of The chair of General Economics Theory
Room 204
Kravets Viktor Anatolievich
Kravets Viktor AnatolievichDeputy director till August 5, 2021
Deputy director of the head of MSE, Professor, doctor habilitatus. One of the main figures taking part in the creation of the Moscow School of Economics from the very beginning.
Grusheva Lydmila Afanasievna
Grusheva Lydmila AfanasievnaHead of HR
Took part in the creation of the faculty.
Took an active part in the creation of the first MSE MSU master’s group in 2004.
Room 228
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