Economics and Finance

International master programme in Economics and Finance is a modern and dynamic study program. Graduates will obtain knowledge and skills necessary to understand and solve microeconomic and financial problems from the business world, as well as macroeconomic challenges in the national economy as a whole. The study offers a range of professional knowledge and practical skills for realization of business ideas, strategic organization and management of companies or public institutions. The programme is designed to educate and train students for planning, implementing and coordinating highly demanding project tasks in organizations, prepare them for research activities, interdisciplinary problem-solving, as well as to provide them with mathematical and statistical tools for economic analyses.

Students will be able to compete in the global labour market and confidently enter the world of economy and finance to contribute to the growth and the wellbeing of society.

The programme is delivered by distinctive professors in the sector from Slovenia and abroad. The programme provides practice on real life challenges as well as research projects in the sector.

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Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
ECTS: 120
Structure: 24 courses (18 core courses, 6 elective courses), professional development work and practice, research work and thesis
Degree awarded UP FM degree: magister/magistrica ekonomije eqiv. to Master in economics (M.A.); Lomonosov degree: magister/magistrica ekonomije in financ eqiv. to Master in economics and finance (M.A.)
Language of the program: English

The procedure for receiving documents:

  • from June 20 to July 20 – acceptance of documents in MSE MSU
  • from June 20 to September 1 – acceptance of documents to the University of Primorsk (Koper, Slovenia)

The order of the entrance examinations:

  • from July 21 to July 25 in MSE MSU
  • from September 2 to September 07 at the University of Primorsk (Koper, Slovenia)

Presentation of the Programme Economics and Finance in Chinese 节目介绍

Candidates are requested to submit applications for enrolment in the electronic form on the eVS web portal, following the link

Please follow the relevant instructions and make sure that you enclose all relevant documents to your application.

Printed and signed application, together with all required documents needs to be submitted by the end of the respective application period to the Faculty of Management per registered mail.

See also Application process step by step.

Candidates who hold a Slovenian diploma are requested to submit the following documents to the application:

  1. Diploma: original or copy verified by notary public is accepted – mandatory document.
  2. Transcript of records: original transcript of records of previous studies which includes a GPA – mandatory document.
  3. Proof of English language skills at B2 level or similar (see section Admission) – mandatory document.

Candidates who hold a foreign diploma are requested to submit the following documents for the process of recognition of foreign education:

  1. Diploma: original and legalised diploma* – mandatory document.
  2. Transcript of records: original transcript of records of previous studies which includes a GPA – mandatory document.
  3. Certified translation of the diploma: a certified translation of the diploma into Slovene language – mandatory only if the diploma was not issued in Slovenian, English, Italian or Croatian language.
  4. Certified translation of the Transcript: a certified translation of the transcript into Slovene language – mandatory only if the transcript was not issued in Slovenian, English, Italian or Croatian language.
  5. Chronological description: a short chronological description of the education/previous studies prepared by the candidate – mandatory document.
  6. Description of the study programme: information or description of the previous study programme (eg. brochures, websites) – optional document.
  7. Proof of English language skills at B2 level or similar (see section Admission) – mandatory document.

* Legalization of the documents: see section Information for candidates who completed their study programme abroad.

graduates who completed their studies in the fields of: Economics (0311), Business and administration (0410), Accounting and taxation (0411), Finance, banking and insurance (0412), Management and administration (0413), Marketing and advertising (0414), Law (0421) of

  1. a first cycle study programme who completed studies; or
  2. a study programme for a previous graduate qualification (pre-Bologna programmes).

Graduates from study areas not listed above must pass prerequisite exams: in The economic environment of the companyAccountingBasic Corporate Finance prior to the enrolment.

All candidates must successfully complete an admission test demonstrating analytical skills from the fields of economics and mathematics. 

All applicants who enrol in the study program in English language are required to demonstrate English language skills at B2 level according to the Common European Reference Framework for Languages ​​(CEFR) with a corresponding certificate.

The relevant proof of compliance with this requirement can be:

  • Certificate of completion of English language examination at B2 level or equivalent certificate (eg. TOEFL iBT score of 87-109, IELTS score of 5-6.5, Cambridge FCE, Oxford B2 Upper intermediate and similar)
  • a matura certificate from which it is shown that the foreign language subject at the matura was English language,
  • a certificate of completion of secondary education in the English language,
  • a diploma at a higher education institution in a study program conducted in English language and a confirmation (statement) that the candidate has completed the program in English language.

Candidates who have passed a general matura in the Republic of Slovenia and have passed English at the matura do not send proof of English language skills; the required information is sent by the State Examination Centre to the higher education institution’s admission office.

In accordance with Article 41 of the Higher Education Act, candidates are ranked in cases where the number of available places are limited. Candidates are ranked based on their undergraduate GPA.

A ranking list will be published and candidates will be notified.

Information about admission exam and prerequisite exams is available here