The Chair of the General economic Theory is the first and the largest chair of the MSE MSU. The chair teaches basic economic disciplines such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, world economy, public sector economics and many others. Till November 20, 2019 the chair was headed by an honored scientist of the Russian Federation, PhD in Economics, Professor Glinkina Svetlana Pavlovna. Among tutors there are 2 academicians of RAS, 1 corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 3 doctors of economic sciences and 14 contract professors, 7 candidates of sciences, 9 foreign professors.

Chair executives

Glinkina Svetlana Pavlovna
Glinkina Svetlana PavlovnaTill November 20, 2019 Head of chair, Professor
Head of the IE RAS International economic and political research scientific programme. Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor.
Nekipelov Alexander Dmitrievich
Nekipelov Alexander DmitrievichHead of Chair
The MSE MSU’s Director,
Full Member of RAS, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor
Anton Belyakov
Anton BelyakovAssociate Professor, deputy head of chair
Associate Professor of thw chair of general economics theory, PhD, candidate of physics and mathematics
Golovnin Mihail Yurevich
Golovnin Mihail YurevichCorresponding member of RAS
Director of the RAS Institute of Economics, PhD in Economics
Rubinstein Alexander Yakovlevich
Rubinstein Alexander YakovlevichProfessor
Head of Theoretical Economics scientific programme at the RAS Institute of Economics

Associate Professors

Lobanov Mikhail Mihailovich
Lobanov Mikhail MihailovichTutor
Candidate of geographical Sciences, Associate Professor
Iakovlev Artem Aleksandrovich
Iakovlev Artem AleksandrovichDeputy Director MSE MSU, Associate professor, PhD in Economics

Senior tutors of the chair

Zhikhareva Alina Konstantinova
Zhikhareva Alina KonstantinovaSenior tutor
Senior tutor of the chair
Larioshina Lola Yurievna
Larioshina Lola YurievnaSenior Tutor
Kukushkin Dmitry Sergeevich
Kukushkin Dmitry SergeevichSenior tutor
Senior tutor of the chair
Ushkalova Daria Igorevna
Ushkalova Daria IgorevnaVisit professor
PhD in Economics

Invited tutors

Zaycev Alexander Andreevich
Zaycev Alexander AndreevichCandidade of economic sciences
Candidade of economic sciences
Yohanan Shahmurov
Yohanan ShahmurovVisit professor
PhD, Professor
Daisuke Kotegawa
Daisuke KotegawaVisit professor
BA in Law
Gzhegozh V. Kolodko
Gzhegozh V. KolodkoVisit professor
Foreign member of the RAS
Alexey P. Kiereev
Alexey P. KiereevVisit professor
PhD in Economics, Professor
Alexander M. Libman
Alexander M. LibmanVisit professor
Professor, Senior researcher in Institute of Economics, RAS
Rainer Martin
Rainer MartinVisit professor
Dorothy J. Rosenberg
Dorothy J. RosenbergVisit professor
Boris L. Richar
Boris L. RicharVisit professor
PhD In Economics
Jacques Sapir
Jacques SapirVisit professor
Foreign member of the RAS
Yan Art Sholte
Yan Art SholteVisit professor
Bukina Irina Sergeevna
Bukina Irina SergeevnaVisit professor
PhD In economics
Braginskiy Oleg Borisovich
Braginskiy Oleg BorisovichVisit professor
PhD in Economics, Professor
Balatskiy Evgeny Vsevolodovich
Balatskiy Evgeny VsevolodovichVisit professor
PhD in Economics, Professor
Vardomskiy Leonid Borisovich
Vardomskiy Leonid BorisovichVisit professor
Candidate of geographical sciences, PhD in Economics, Professor
James K. Galbrate
James K. GalbrateVisit professor
PhD in Economics
Grinberg Ruslan Semenovich
Grinberg Ruslan SemenovichVisit professor
Corresponding member of RAS, PhD in Economics, Professor
Ivanter Victor Viktorovich
Ivanter Victor ViktorovichTill September 15, 2019 Visit professor
Academician of RAS, Professor, PhD in Economics
Kuznetsova Olga Vladimirovna
Kuznetsova Olga VladimirovnaVisit professor
PhD in Economics, Professor
Kuznetsov Alexey Vladimirovich
Kuznetsov Alexey VladimirovichVisit professor
Corresponding member of RAS, PhD in Economics
Korovkin Andrey Germanovich
Korovkin Andrey GermanovichVisit professor
PhD in Economics, Professor
Kleiner Georgy Borisovich
Kleiner Georgy BorisovichVisit professor
Corresponding member of RAS
Chubarova Tatiana Vladimirovna
Chubarova Tatiana VladimirovnaVisit professor
PhD in Economics
Chernavskiy Sergey Jakovlevich
Chernavskiy Sergey JakovlevichVisit professor
PhD in Economics
Sherbanin Yuriy Alexeevich
Sherbanin Yuriy AlexeevichVisit professor
PhD in Economics, Professor

Tutors of chair

Pochinkin Daniil Valentinovich
Pochinkin Daniil ValentinovichTutor

Chair assistants

Bondarenko Petr Aleksandrovich
Bondarenko Petr AleksandrovichPostgraduate student
Lobanova Ekaterina Olegovna
Lobanova Ekaterina OlegovnaAssistant, postgraduate student
Mnatsakanova Varvara Germanovna
Mnatsakanova Varvara GermanovnaAssistant, postgraduate student
Seleznev Alexey Igorevich
Seleznev Alexey IgorevichAssistant, postgraduate student