Caravaitsev Alexander Sergeevich, Economist, Secretariat, International Grains Counsil.

The acquired skill of independent and critical analysis of information on various topics, including those related to the main problems of the Russian economy is a very useful result of the training.
Due to communication with specialist tutors of the highest level my horizons have really expanded and I developed my own position on a number of issues of the Russian economy development.

Dmitry Vladimirovich Yuriev, first CEO Deputy of JSC United grain company.

Yes, theoretical knowledge gained at the MSE is very useful in practice. At the initial stage of work in the RPF, I was engaged in the development of a draft decree and a methodology for assessing of the efficiency of the executive authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation. During this period the knowledge of econometrics, macroeconomics, as well as mathematical methods in eonomics was very useful to me.
Foreign languages, financial models assessment, fundamentals of national and world economies and international relations, forecasting (ability to work with expert assessments), fundamentals of emerging market theories and public choice, knowledge in the field of environmental economics, etc.
Of course, none of MSE courses were useless.
Those “purely theoretical” courses present in the master’s program of 2004-06 helped me to master economic and financial knowledge more fundamentally .
It is not advisable to increase the number of “practical” courses.
A specialist will receive practical knowledge from the employer, in the process of studying at work.

Pavel Koltsov, Deputy Minister of energy, industry and communications of the Stavropol region.

At the beginning of my career, thanks to my knowledge, especially multidimensional statistics, I together with other graduates of Moscow state University developed a number of tools for assessing and rating the subjects of the Russian Federation on various factors, including the method of assessing the socio-economic situation of the subjects of the Russian Federation, the method for assessing the competitive environment in Russia, the method of formation of territorial development zones and a number of other methods.

Zaitsev Alexander Andreevich, Candidate of economic sciences, senior lecturer of the MSE MSU Chair of General Economics Theory

My decision to enter the MSU master’s program was determined by the following factors: the tutors, most of whom come from the Academy of Sciences and who are engaged in applied research on the subject of their courses; courses from foreign tutors in English and professional courses in econometrics and macroeconomics.
In my opinion, the most important thing that is taught in the MSE master’s degree course is the ability to find an approach to the economic issue and its solution. It is these qualities that are valued in the private and public spheres when looking for a specialist, not to mention research activities.
My work is supported by a serious structured knowledge of key issues of economic development of the country. I gained this knowledge at the MSE.
The invaluable experience of communication with internationally recognized specialists of academic and business environment in the MSE has greatly influenced the formation of my professional priorities.

My work is supported by a serious structured knowledge of key issues of economic development of the country. I gained this knowledge at the MSE.
The invaluable experience of communication with internationally recognized specialists of academic and business environment in the MSE has greatly influenced the formation of my professional priorities.

Zorin Kirill Anatolievich, Head of a Department in the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation

Investment analysis, methods of business evaluation and investment attractiveness of industries, corporate development strategies, econometric analysis and English language were useful to me.

Marco Olesya Yurievna, Capital financial group Investment company, Vice President

Development of analytical skills, fundamental (economic) theoretical and mathematical training, strategic vision of economic processes at various levels (from the firm and the region to the country), multilateral study of the processes of integration and globalization as well as knowledge of development of the leading sectors of the Russian economy obtained at the MSE help me daily in solving research problems.

Ovseenko Yuri Sergeevich, Works in the Russian Pension Fund

In my opinion, one of the best sides of studying at the MSE is deep, systematic and fundamental knowledge in the field of fundamental disciplines: macro-and microeconomics, economic theory, mathematical and statistical analysis, econometrics, etc. In one way or another I use this knowledge every day.
The most useful disciplines of economic science for me are: macroeconomics, investment analysis, economic theory, financial management.
Teaching standards and the volume the knowledge the MSE students gets significantly strengthens the competitive advantages of the MSE graduates in the labor market.
A wide range of fields of economics taught at the MSE – from political to social aspects – has broadened our horizons, which certainly helps in our work and communication with colleagues.
Constant everyday communication with outstanding scientists of different fields of Russia as well as successful business representatives and tutors of foreign universities helped me to form a clear idea of the vector of a future career development and to develop the most important skills of communication with established professionals.

Panchuk Daria Arkadievna, Candidate of physics and mathematics, leading specialist in the Rosneft Department of economics and business planning

Pleasant atmosphere, great tutors, quality training materials, the opportunity to express oneself during the training.

Ryapolova Anna Igorevna, Leading specialist at Sberbank JSC

In my practical work I could use the knowledge of corporate finance, project finance, derivative financial instruments, as well as econometric modeling.
The knowledge and skills gained at Global Business Strategy education course allowed me not only to see the other side of corporate strategic planning, but also to contribute to the development of a real corporate strategy.

Smirnov Alexander Aleksandrovich, Leading expert of the Inter RAO PJSC Department for cooperation with investors for strategy and investment block

A worthy educational institution that makes qualified, highly paid professionals.

Besedin Vladimir Evgenyevich, Financial Director of OOO Disel Yug

Studying at the Moscow school of Economics was a great opportunity to experience the life system of an educated person.

Gvozdev Mikhail Lvovich, Product manager at JSC Credit Evropa Bank

The advantage of the Moscow School of Economics is that the student can get here a deep knowledge in the field of economics, and later that will let him do the thing he or she likes and thus be socially useful. I know graduates who are successful in science or have found their place in consulting, in financial sector, in the relevant ministries of the Russian Federation, in oil and gas industry.
I personally am very grateful to the best university in Russia for all that it has given me. My success and further way, both in the creative and professional sphere, is definately linked with the MSE!

Lavrinenko Petr Aleksandrovich, Project manager of OOO Infrastructure Economics Center (IEC); Junior research assistant at IEF RAS

Studying at MSE MSU is not only about obtaining knowledge from the best specialists in all subjects taught, but also about the opportunity to study unique applied courses from the world’s leading visiting professors.

Khvatov Nikita Igorevich, M.N.S., RAS Institute of Economic Forecasting