MSE MSU non-resident students are provided with a dormitory for the entire period of study.

Students living in Moscow region outside the 5th zone of Moscow rail road are also provided with a dormitory.

Students living in Moscow are not provided with a dormitory.
The rest of the categories of students are not provided with a dormitory.

All students in need of a dorm sign a contract with the MSU dormitories management, thus signing that they are to follow the MSU internal dormitory rules. In case of multiple rules violation the student may be deprived of the right to live in a dormitory.

At the end of each academic year, students have the right to express their wishes in writing about the living conditions in the next year (specify the names of neighbours, specify the desired room). All these wishes are taken into account in the next academic year.

After the end of each academic year, students are required to leave the dorm by July 1, handing over the keys to the rooms to the dormitory superviser. The only exception are 4th year students remaining in Moscow for practice or military training. At the end of their training they are also required to leave the rooms.

Accommodation in the dormitories begins on August 30.

Students of 1, 2, 3 year live in the Branch of the house of Students (FDS), which is located at: Lomonosovskiy Prospekt, d. 34, korp.2 (can be reached by trolleybus 34, bus 130, 661). Junior students do not live in the MSU House of students (DS MSU, the Main building) even if they pay for their studies, except in cases when it’s inevitable due to special medical reasons. In this case, the student is obliged to provide a certificate certified by the chief physician of the polyclinic № 202 (works with MSU students). All other medical certificates and examinations do not give the right to relocate to the Main building. In FDS students live in rooms for three, the square footage of rooms is 18 m2. In the case there are a lot of 1st year students, the number of persons living in the room can be increased to 4 people, however, during the year all junior students are accommodated in rooms of three.

Students of 4, 5 years live in DS MSU in two-room blocks, equipped with a private bathroom, for 2 people in 12-meter rooms.

Students studying at the Moscow school of Economics under the contract are provided with a dormitory on the basis of a separate contract. Students of this category live in DS MSU (Main building), in rooms of 8m2, paying a full contract for accommodation in a dormitory.

For more information on issues related to the residence of students in the dormitories of MSU, please contact the Deputy Dean of the Moscow state University, Kravets Viktor Anatolyevich, by phone +7 (495) 510 52 67, +7 (495) 510 52 68.

Address and living conditions.

Dorm DS CAS (the House of the student in the MSU Main building):

  • Address: Moscow, Leninskie Gory, the Main building of Moscow state University.
  • Corridor type dormitory: two-room blocks.
  • For 2,3,4 year bachelors, masters and postgraduates.
  • 36 to 60 blocks per floor, two kitchens, halls.
  • The building has all the necessary for work, study and life of students and graduate students (classrooms, laboratories, libraries and reading rooms, museums, Palace of culture, sports complex, canteens, cinema, post office, consumer services, clinic).
  • 1 person per room.

FDS dormitory (Branch of the Student House):

  • Address Russia, Moscow, Lomonosovskiy prospect 31, building 2.
  • Corridor type dormitory: 2-3 persons per room. For 1st year of bachelor’s or 1st year master’s students.
  • Two toilets (for males and females), two washrooms, two kitchens (each with 2 gas stoves) per floor. The kitchens are open round the clock.
  • Shower rooms (for males and females, 8 cabins in each) on the ground floor of the buildings, also open round the clock. Reading room and a gym on the ground floor. The reading room is open round the clock. Laundry room in the basement.
  • 2 persons per room.

For more information, see MSU website.