The Moscow School of Economics (MSE MSU) was initiated in 2004 by the head of MSU member of the Academy of Sciences V. A. Sadovnichy as a response to multiple requests from the Russian business elite to create an educational entity for high-profile economists. Being a faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, The Moscow School of Economics represents a new russian economic education model. It’s based on integration of widely known russian and foreign professors and scientists into the teaching process as well as thorough math preparation and constant practical engagement of students and the use of modern education equipment.

The main task of MSE MSU is to prepeare high-profile specialists combining fundamental knowledge of the area with the ability to go around professionally while taking into consideration the peculiarities of the modern russian economics. They also should have practical experience of working in federal and regional economic objects.

The graduates of the MSE MSU get state diplomas and a degree of a bachelor or a master of economics.

The head of MSE MSU is member of the Academy o Sciences Alexander Nekipelov.

From the beginning of the history of MSE MSU there has been a Supporters Council. In different times it was headed by Oleg Deripaska, Leonid Reiman and beginning from the year 2010 by Nikolay Tokarev. The members of the Supporters Council are famous state, public and political figures as well as successful representatives of the commerce. The MSE MSU Supporters Council helps to implement the education process through financial as well as books donations, grants for bright students and supply of modern education equipment. The members of the Supporters Council also paricipate in important events of the School of Economics.

There are four chars in the MSE. They are: The Chair of General Economics Theory, The Chair of Econometrics and Mathematic Methods of Economics, The Chair of Economic and Financial Strategy and The Chair of Public Humanities.

There MSE has following education programmees:

Bachelor courses:


Master courses:


Economic and financial strategy

Economics and mathematical methods

International Economics: modern development trends

The year 2017 marked the introduction of two new international master programmees in English:

In 2011 MSE introduced the following after-study research programmees:

08.00.01 – Economic Theory

08.00.13 – Mathematic and Instrumental Economic Methods

08.00.05 – Economics and National Economy Management

MSE has commercial education ptogrammes only. The best students are given grants.

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