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  • Lomonosov State University diploma of a bachelor of economics
  • Highest qualification tutors – Academicians and corresponding members of RAS, prominent Russian scientists and practitioners, outstanding young researchers, invited well-known foreign Professors
  • A unique training program, developed taking into account the modern achievements of economic theory and mathematical methods in economics
  • The most modern infrastructure, the latest educational and research computer programs, students have access to a modern information base
  • Practice and internships in the largest business structures and leading economic institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Teaching in Russian and English
  • The library is equipped with the newest issues of economic literature and has an extensive collection of economic periodicals
  • Good location in the famous University complex, with an interesting, creative atmosphere of student life, developed sports infrastructure (tennis courts, a swimming pool, stadiums, etc.)
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University diploma of the master of economics
  • Highest qualification tutors – Academicians and corresponding members of RAS, prominent Russian scientists and practitioners, outstanding young researchers, invited well-known foreign Professors
  • A unique training program that combines high-level theoretical courses with applied specializations
  • The most modern infrastructure, the latest educational and research computer programs, students have access to a modern information base
  • Practice and internships in the largest business structures and leading economic institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Teaching in Russian and English
  • The library is equipped with the newest issues of economic literature and has an extensive collection of economic periodicals
  • Good location in the famous University complex with an interesting, creative atmosphere of student life, developed sports infrastructure (tennis courts, a swimming pool, stadiums, etc.)
  • International teaching staff consisting of tutors and scientists invited from western universities and business schools, and experienced business practitioners who share their professional experience
  • International learning environment, development of team work skills with students from different countries
  • Regular master classes from heads of leading Russian and international corporations and international organizations
  • Fundamental and relevant knowledge of international finance and economics
  • CFA ®, a training course for the exam for the professional qualification of Chartered Financial Analyst is included in the curriculum in order to develop practical skills and professional competencies
  • The knowledge and skills of our students comply with the requirements of employers (Students often find work already in the process of studying for a master’s degree)
  • The graduates of the MSU Moscow School of Economics are highly demanded in the global labor market due to the rich education, intensive training and practice in multinational and local companies and organizations
  • Exchange program training in the leading western universities due to the steadily developing partnership between the MSE and western universities in the field of double diplomas, exchange programs and internships
  • Diploma of the leading Russian university included in the international top rankings (Lomonosov State University diploma of master of economics)
  • The University of Primorsk diploma. The University located in Slovenia is a member of the common European educational space of the countries participating in the Bologna process
  • Training entirely in English
  • Third stage of higher education
  • Training of scientific and pedagogical higher qualification staff in the field of Economics
  • The diploma about assignment of qualification “Researcher. Tutor-researcher”
  • Scientific guidance by leading Russian economists
  • A unique training programme including advanced level theoretical courses
  • Participation in research projects on the topic of research
  • The possibility to obtain a grant for training




Global Finance and Economics

Global Finance and Economics


Economics and Finance

Economics and Finance


Postgraduate study

Postgraduate study:


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Graduates about us

After completing my undergraduate degree in Boston, USA, I wanted to continue my studies in a field more related to economics and finance somewhere outside the United States. Being from Spain, my first thought was to study in Germany or in another European country, but after doing some research, I found out about the Master of Global Economics and Finance of the Moscow State University.

I have to say it has probably been the best choice I have made regarding my career. Studying and living in Russia gives you a different point of view and understanding of how things on the world stage work and it also opens you the doors to a very different culture that is important to understand.

Regarding the program, it offers great courses in economics and finance that are closely related to the CFA® Program. Furthermore, it also offers many seminars of visiting professors and business leaders that further immerse you in the international business world. I can only recommend this program as it offers you a very different, outside-the-box experience than any other program in Europe or the United States.

P.S. Moscow is a great and fun city to live in! I am sure you will enjoy it!

Alex Flick, Spain, Suffolk University Boston

The English Master program in Global Economics and Finance of the MSE MSU offered me a wide variety of professional and academic training through multidisciplinary classes tailored to the CFA ® curriculum, interactive seminars with attentive professors, as well as open lectures conducted by experienced professionals and entrepreneurs coming from the real business. I was also provided with opportunities to make the acquaintance of friends and classmates of distinctive origins and backgrounds with their unique excellence in both educational and occupational experiences.

Upon successfully accomplishing the program, I feel confident that the two-year experience in MSE MSU will position me in competitive advantages in my future career.

国际经济与金融英语硕士项目通过针对CFA量身定制的多学科课程,与专职教授们进行的互动研讨会,以及由经验丰富的专业人士和来自商业领域的企业家举办的公开讲座等等丰富的教学活动,为我提供了形式多样的职业和学术培训 。在学习中,我还有机会结识了来自五湖四海的朋友,他们都有着独特的来历和背景,并且在各自的教育和职业经历方面杰出而又与众不同。成功完成国际经济与金融英语硕士项目后,我相信在MSE学习和生活的这两年将为我在未来的职业生涯中提供更多的竞争优势。

Deng Xingrui, China, Qinghua University

As a student who previously studied at a big university in Europe, Moscow was certainly an unconventional choice. Yet, I strongly believe that it is the right choice. A study in an emerging market that is an important partner to the EU gives my resume a very competitive edge. The program is thought in English, and I get to meet very interesting students from CIS and overseas.

The lectures are held in small groups of around 25, which gives an optimal student/professor ratio. It seems to me that the professors are very motivated and take their time to have everyone understand the topic. If the necessary hours are invested into studying, the students can get good and fair grading.

The lectures are based on the most popular textbooks on modern economics and on the CFA ® program. Moscow State University has the best reputation among Russian universities and attracts very bright students. Various masterclasses and events are giving additional exciting impressions.

A general disadvantage about studying in Russia is the old fashioned bureaucracy that costs a lot of time. Although this is also a part of the unique experiences that come along when studying abroad.

Lennart Welter, Germany, Munich Technical University

I’m currently studying at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow School of Economics. My program is Master of Science in Global Economics and Finance. I have few things to share so far. First, I must admit I really admire academic staff. There were not only professors, but also professionals who hold CFA Charter and are regional financial directors of the global companies. These people shared their amazing stories and experiences and even gave us opportunities to experience them ourselves.

Second, I can’t be more grateful for the organization of super cool meet ups with international CEO, CFO and directors of corporations, whose products I use on a daily basis! However, foremost, I’m grateful that program drove students from all the world! Now, I have friends from Turkey, China, Spain, Germany and America! I can’t imagine finding out so many cool things about the culture of these countries without them.

Third, I choose this program because it fits my aim – to earn CFA® charterholder. I am really glad for particular subjects that are not part of CFA level 1 curriculum but are part of the program. Workshops of subjects like applied econometrics in finance with R helped me to gain skills that are in demand and makes my resume more competitive. And few words on my life at MSU. I’m living at the dorm, the Main Building of the MSU. The campus is huge, however, it takes 7 minutes for me to get to my faculty, which is most convenient. There is almost everything you need! Starting from amazing cafeterias to your taste and breathtaking libraries to swimming pools, flower shops, and even beauty shops! 🙂

Lydia Khadjibayeva, Uzbekistan, University of Westminster

The two years I have spent studying at the Master of Science in Global Economics and Finance of the MSE MSU has been a very good learning experience both academically and professionally. The program’s structure and the faculty’s continuous support have made it possible for me to develop the various skills necessary for a successful career.
The program is taught by both world-class professionals in academia and field experts, which make learning at the MSE MSU a very diverse and interesting experience. Instructors do an excellent job at engaging students and integrating new technology into the learning experience. The MSU MSE is keen on shaping its students academically and as a result, throughout the whole program, all were encouraged to partake in various academic research seminars locally and abroad. The CFA-based program structure and series of talks and workshops with leading professionals in the field of finance and economics representing an array of international companies have facilitated professional development and ensured that upon graduation I possessed skills that could be applied in practice effectively.

The MSc in Global Economics and Finance is a great place to combine academics with the student experience. It is through the program I was able to meet classmates that I now call friends and learn from them all, given their unique and diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. The two years spent studying at the MSc in Global Economics and Finance has given me all the tools needed to gain a competitive edge and stand out from the competition.

Sauli Sheykho, Russia, American University of Ras al Khaimah

Having engineer background and several working years of experience in the Huawei company, I have decided finally to enlarge my knowledge in economics and finance and in 2018 I have applied to the Lomonosov Moscow State University. In my program of study- Master of Science in Global Economics and Finance we have a real international group that our classmates come from China, German, Span, USA, Slovenia and other  European countries.

Different ideas and cultures are exchange here which provide me a international vision. Our professors are all nice and professional at their field, they are always prepared help students.

By learning from the course and self -study, I have also passed CFA level1 and FRM part 1, which significantly improved my knowledge at professional investment field and financial risk management field.

The program is well organized, the courses which are taught to students are all very practical, which means by learning from the course, students could well understand how the corporate and finance industry working. I am really enjoy these two years study in this program, it will one of the best memory of my life.



Yan Jiaqi, China, HangZhou Dianzi University

The beginning of my masters in Global Economics and Finance was a bit of a rocky time, with all the official forms and registrations to complete. In hindsight I would recommend moving to Moscow one week or more in advance to get everything settled before classes start. The lecturers I have had so far are passionate and eager to help you understand. The atmosphere during the classes is good and my classmates and I a learning a lot. A massive upside to this course is the mass of friendly lecturers and classmates who are from all over the world. This international aspect of the course is invaluable. The program is also a great opportunity to get to know more about Russia and the Russian Economy.

Gunner Laine Hardy, USA, Arizona State University

Studying at one of the Russia’s leading universities allowed me to gain knowledge in various fields and acquire skills that are sought after by employers. The MSc in Global Economics and Finance at the MSE MSU is a fantastic place to study. Lecturers teaching there have first-hand experience in the field they specialise in, and they share their experience, knowledge and skills with students. Moreover, some of them come from the Russian Academy of Science (RAS), where subjects taught by them offer an invaluable experience.
The university has a good location and a wide complex, within which you can find football field, tennis courts, swimming pools, i.e. variety of facilities that creates a good atmosphere for your off-education student life. A wide variety of books, journals, and electronic sources are offered by the libraries and they are easily accessed from the internet.

Elina Lyugay, Russia, King's College London

With the end of our studies approaching, I am certain that enrolling into the double degree program “Economics and Finance” between the University of Primorska and Lomonosov Moscow State University was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The program, besides equipping us with valuable knowledge on several fields within economics and finance, allowed us to study in an international environment, connect with people from around the world and thus enrich our study experience. It also gave us the possibility to learn about Russia and its culture and explore Moscow, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Besides qualified and professional lecturers, we received immense support from staff of both faculties, who made sure our studies in Koper, as well as in Moscow, were as smooth as possible. The knowledge and experience gained in this program will without a doubt be of great value in my future career.

Barbara Švagan, Slovenia, University of Ljubljana

The Economics and Finance double degree program between University of Primorska, and Moscow State University is an excellent study choice and a truly international experience. As a student of this program, you are taught by top professors in terms of experience, positions they hold, and pedagogical skill.

The classes as well are not meant to waste time and are designed to teach you market-relevant skills and knowledge which is updated to reflect the current trends and research which includes methods, practices, and experiences which cannot be gained without having the resources and contacts that are available here. Everything is designed to equip you with all the necessary skills to make you more than competitive on the job market and all throughout the process you are helped and guided by the excellent staff at both Universities.

The first year is conducted in Koper, Slovenia, which is a warm and sunny town at the seaside which besides having its own charms is only an hour away from the capital Ljubljana, and two hours away from Venice.

And the second year is conducted in Moscow which is a global metropolis that really contains everything one might ever need and more.

The two years combined provide you with an education that is respected both in the East and West and it can open doors of opportunity anywhere in the world. For me, the entire experience was exceptional and it made me very optimistic about my future career.

Gašper Popit, Slovenia, University of Ljubljana

In the first year, we had a wonderful learning experience in Koper. Koper is a city rich with history, with its origins as an ancient Roman settlement.
Since then it has been influenced by Venetian architecture and is considered a cultural gem mixed with Slovene and Italian influences. The sun always shines there and streets have a scent of Mediterranean cuisine. As for the study part, the professors were very cooperative, responsive and demanding. It was a pleasure engaging with them in class discussions and listening to their lectures. They always supported our curiosity and we had countless case studies that have provided me with sufficient knowledge to find my way around in the corporate world.

Studying at Moscow State University’s, Moscow School of Economics, one finds himself in a temple of knowledge, surrounded with some of the most knowledgable professors and experts in Russia. The university’s facilities and student campus bring to the individual a sense of tranquility, harmony, and peace that are well needed during difficult times of study and preparation for the exams. There is more to the student life than just studying at the Moscow State University. Free time can be spent on nutritious soul food that can be found in the Tretyakov gallery and many museums of the cultural diverse and worldly megacity, the capital of Russia – Moscow. If time would roll back again, I would not hesitate to re-experience the academic year at Moscow School of Economics.

Matjaž Pogorevc, Slovenia, University of Ljubljana

My work is supported by a serious structured knowledge of key issues of economic development of the country. I gained this knowledge at the MSE. The invaluable experience of communication with internationally recognized specialists of academic and business environment in the MSE has greatly influenced the formation of my professional priorities.

Zorin Kirill Anatolievich, head of a Department in the Presidential administration of the Russian Federation

The acquired skill of independent and critical analysis of information on various topics, including those related to the main problems of the Russian economy is a very useful result of the training. Due to communication with specialist tutors of the highest level my horizons have really expanded and I developed my own position on a number of issues of the Russian economy development.

Caravaicev Alexandr Sergeevich, Economist, Secretariat, International Grains Council

Theoretical knowledge gained at the MSE is very useful in practice. At the initial stage of work in APFR I was developing a decree and the methods for evaluating the effectiveness of executive authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. At this period, I could gladly use the knowledge of econometrics, macroeconomics, and mathematical methods in economics. Those “purely theoretical” courses present in the master’s program of 2004-06 helped me to master economic and financial knowledge more fundamentally.

Yuriev Dmitry Vladimirovich, the first deputy CEO of United grain company JSC

In my opinion, one of the best sides of studying at the MSE is deep, systematic and fundamental knowledge in the field of fundamental disciplines: macro-and micro-economics, economic theory, mathematical and statistical analysis, econometrics, etc. In one way or another I use this knowledge every day. The most useful disciplines of economic science for me are: macroeconomics, investment analysis, economic theory, financial management. Teaching standards and the volume the knowledge the MSE students gets significantly strengthens the competitive advantages of the MSE graduates in the labor market.

Panchuk Daria Arkadievna, Candidate of physics and economics, leading specialist In the Department of economics and business planning of Rosneft

My decision to enter the MSU master’s program was determined by the following factors: the tutors, most of whom come from the Academy of Sciences and who are engaged in applied research on the subject of their courses; courses from foreign tutors in English and professional courses in econometrics and macroeconomics. In my opinion, the most important thing that is taught in the MSE master’s degree course is the ability to find an approach to the economic issue and its solution. It is these qualities that are valued in the private and public spheres when looking for a specialist, not to mention research activities.

Zaitsev Alexander Andreevich, Candidate of economic sciences, senior lecturer of the MSE MSU Chair of General Economics Theory

At the start of my career, thanks to the knowledge I gained at the MSE MSU, I together with my fellow MSU graduates developed a number of instruments for evaluation and ranking of the subjects of the Russian Federation. Among these instruments are the method of social and economic evaluation of the subjects of the Russian Federation, the method of territorial development zones formation as well as many others.

Koltsov Pavel Vladimirovich, deputy Minister of energy, industry and communications of Stavropol Krai

In my practical work I could especially use the knowledge of corporate finance, project finance, derivative financial instruments, as well as econometric modeling. The knowledge and skills gained at Global Business Strategy education course allowed me not only to see the other side of corporate strategic planning, but also to contribute to the development of a real corporate strategy.

Smirnov Alexander Alexandrovich, leading expert of the Department of interaction with investors of the strategy and investment Block PAO inter RAO

Pleasant atmosphere, great tutors, quality training materials, the opportunity to express oneself during the training.

Ryapolova Anna Igorevna, leading specialist at Sberbank JSC

The advantage of the Moscow School of Economics is that the student can get here a deep knowledge in the field of economics, and later that will let him do the thing he or she likes and thus be socially useful. I know graduates who are successful in science or have found their place in consulting, in financial sector, in the relevant ministries of the Russian Federation, in oil and gas industry. I personally am very grateful to the best university in Russia for all that it has given me. My success and further way, both in the creative and professional sphere, is definately linked with the MSE!

Lavrinenko Petr Aleksandrovich

Studying at Moscow State University is not only about getting knowledge from the best specialists in all subjects taught, but also an opportunity to study unique applied courses of visiting professors from leading world organizations and universities.

Khvatov Nikita Igorevich, Junior researcher at the Institute for Economic Forecasting of RAS




The Moscow School of Economics (MSE MSU) was initiated in 2004 by the head of MSU member of the Academy of Sciences V. A. Sadovnichy as a response to multiple requests from the Russian business elite to create an educational entity for high-profile economists. Being a faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, The Moscow School of Economics represents a new russian economic education model. It’s based on integration of widely known russian and foreign professors and scientists into the teaching process as well as thorough math preparation and constant practical engagement of students and the use of modern education equipment.

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Global Finance and Economics

Global Finance and Economics


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Economics and Finance


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