Applicants for bachelor’s 080100.62 Economics education programme are immatriculated according to the MSU Admission rules of 2019.

  1. Citizens of Russia as well as other countries are admitted on a competitive basis. Applicants are admitted on the basis of the examination results (including internal entrance exams).
  2. We accept applications for bachelor’s education programmes from the 20th June 2019 till the 10th of July 2019.
  3. Winners and leaders of consequent subject school olympiads from the 2018\19 School olympiads list are admitted to the bachelor’s course according to the list of benefits for olympiad winners and leaders of 2019.
    Persons entitled to enter the university without exams can use this right only in one university for one education programme.
  4. The maximum result of an entrance exam is 100 points.
  5. Persons taking away documents after the end of acceptance period drop their application automatically.

Application documents (apply to MSE Admission Office):

  • passport, passport copy;
  • the original or a copy of an education certificate;
  • 6 photos, size 3×4 (black-and-white or coloured, no hats, matte paper, made in 2018/2019);
  • application (to be filled in at the Admissions office);
  • Social security number, medical insurance policy, registration (copy);
  • Exam results are recorded according to the applicant (confirmed by certificates issued in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019).

Entrance exams for bachelor’s applicants for Economics:

  • Russian language (state exam),
  • mathematics (state exam, profile level),
  • social studies (state exam),
  • additional entrance exam (DVI) – mathematics (written),
  • information about time and place of the entrance exams held instead of state exams.

The applicant is awarded points for following individual achievements:

  • Sporting achievements (see “Rules of admission” p. 19) – eg.Gold sign ” TRP ” – 2 points;
  • Gold or silver medal – 5 points;
  • A mark for the composition allowing a person to take secondary education state exams – no more than 3 points.

The order of admission from the 1st of September 2019 for commercial education programmes (based on the competitive basis and the number of points for admission) is issued by the MSU after all students have signed an education contract and payed for the first semester.

Tuition fee in 2019/2020 academic year is 450 000 rubles per year (for 2 semesters).

The Admission Committee of Moscow state University will gladly answer your questions.

Presentation of the Programme 节目介绍

  1. Transfer applications to study at MSU are accepted from persons studying at educational institutions of higher professional education. According to the rules of admission to the Lomonosov Moscow state University in 2019.
  2. Transfer documents are accepted to the MSU from June 20, 2019 and till July 10, 2019.
  3. Admission to the second and subsequent courses is carried out on a competitive basis – according to the results of tests.
  4. Application for admission to the second and subsequent courses at MSU is written personally to the rector of MSU.
  5. You will also need to attach:
    • photocopies of identity and citizenship documents of the applicant (all pages);
    • the original of the academic certificate of the established sample;
    • a photocopy of the academic record book, certified by the university;
    • 8 photos, size 3*4 (black-and-white or color picture, no hats, on matte paper, made in 2019/2020).
  6. Transfer documents to the MSE MSU are submitted personally by applicants to the MSE MSU Admission Committee.
  7. MSU central Admission Committee is responsible for admission to the second and subsequent years, student transfers and readmission.
    MSE MSU Admission Committee recommends an applicant to the MSU central Admission Committee:

    • if he succeeds in entrance exams;
    • if there are vacant places at the faculty, according to the control admission figures;

    Applicants applying from adjacent fields are given preference.
    As a rule, transfers to Moscow state University are made with the loss of a year (due to the difference in curricula).
    Transfer to the 4th year of bachelor’s and 2nd year of master’s education programme is not possible.

  8. Applications for transfer are not taken:
    • in the absence of a license and accreditation of the university from which the transfer is carried out;
    • when transferring from evening and extramural courses.
  9. If the central Admission Committee approves of a transfer the applicant brings following documents to the Education Department of MSU Rectorate:
    • Secondary education certificate (original)
    • Academic certificate (indicating the number of enrollment termination order)
    • The educaton contract in duplicate, signed by the faculty
    • Receipts for payment of 70% and 30%.

Tuition fee in 2019/2020 academic year is 450 000 rubles per year (for 2 semesters).

For transfer, please contact the Admission Committee of the Moscow state University.

The curriculum for economics bachelors was created considering the requirements of the state educational standard of higher education of the ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation and the specifics of the educational process of MSE.


Basic part:

Humanitarian, social and economic cycle (basic part):

  • Foreign (English) language
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Life safety
  • Physical culture

Mathematical and natural science cycle (basic part):

  • Mathematical analysis
  • Linear algebra
  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics-I
  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics-II
  • Game theory

Professional cycle (basic part):

  • Economics IT I
  • History of economic concepts
  • Microeconomics I
  • Macroeconomics I
  • Econometrics
  • World economy and international economic relations
  • Economics of the public sector
  • Accounting, analysis and audit
  • Socio-economic statistics
  • Labour economics
  • Industrial organization
  • Economic policy

The variable part:

Humanitarian, social and economic cycle:

  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Foreign language (professional English)
  • Russian language and culture of speech
  • Elective humanities courses (political science)
  • Inter-faculty courses

Professional cycle:

  • Economics IT II
  • Economic geography
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Regional economy
  • Demography
  • Corporate economics
  • Environmental economics
  • Macroeconomics II
  • Microeconomics II
  • Theory of economic transition
  • Introduction to time series analysis (in English)
  • Integration processes in the world economy
  • The special course of the chair
  • Elective courses (Mathematical analysis II, Financial management, Finance and credit, the State and prospects of the Russian economy, Modern marketing, Experimental Economics, Econometric practice on the PC, Analysis of the quality and lifestyle of the population, Analysis of corporate strategies, a Special course in economic theory)
  • Elective courses in physical culture

Open classroom:

  • Foreign language in the field of professional communication



  • Educational
  • Production
  • Undergraduate


Final state exam

  • Interdisciplinary examination in the field of Economics
  • Bachelor’s graduate qualification work

The total labor intensity during the four years of training is 8968 hours, including 3776 classroom sessions, 1606 hours of lectures and 2170 hours of seminars and workshops in training groups. In the process of study, students take 43 pass-fail exams, 34 exams and write 2 course works, have practice at the institutes of RAS, and in the last year write and defend the graduate qualification work and pass the state comprehensive interdisciplinary exam.

Students should do a medical check-up by the 1st of September 2019.

As a result students should have 2 medical notes:

  1. a note that you are allowed to study at MSE MSU (there are no contradictions);
  2. a note defining your group for physical education classes: basic, preparatory, special or remedial gymnastics only.

It is possible to do the medical check-up at the MSU Medical Centre (Leninskiye gory, d.1 str.53) and get the 2 notes there.

One can get a referral for a medical check-up at the Admission Committee office in working hours.

If you come for a referral for a medical examination at the MSU Medical Centre, you:

  1. fill in the form at the Admission Committee office to be registered at the Medical Center (if you are going to visit it as your permanent clinic);
  2. get a referral for a medical examination at the Admission Committee office – you will need a photo to stick onto the referral, the number of your the health insurance policy and the name of the company who issued it;
  3. Must take a passport, a health insurance policy + a copy of it, a military card or a certificate of registration (boys), a 086U certificate with the results of tests (blood test and blood sugar test, urine test, ECG, fluorography). If you have done the medical examination at your local clinic, you will need a vaccination card indicating the type of vaccine, date of vaccination, series, dose. You will also need a SNILS (insurance number of individual account in the system of a compulsory pension insurance);
  4. Students going to live at the dorm are required to take an RW blood test or provide the results not older than 1 month;
  5. Those with chronic diseases or disabilities will need a detailed extract from the medical history containing the treatment and the results.