S.V. Polyakova: The review bears a title “History for economists: philosophic side”

A review of the S.V.Polyakova, Сandidate of philosophic sciences and a tutor in MSE MSU, has been published in the Historic Expert magazine. The review bears a title” History for economists: philosophic side”. S.V. Polyakova wrote a review for a recently published two-volume student’s book created by the MSE chair of social and humanitarian disciplines. The authors (Dedkov N.I., Bordyugov G. A., Sherbakova E.I. and others) have produced a student’s book under the title “History for economists: Integrated educational complex for students of economic specialties of higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation.” in 2 volumes, edited by A.D.Nekipelov, S.N.Katyrin. M., AIRO-XXI, 2016, 2018.

The presentation of this unique integrated training complex took place on December 3, 2018 at the Moscow state University, December 24 at the chamber of Commerce. On December 25, the media center of Rossiyskaya Gazeta held a ceremony of awarding this publication With the public award “Economic book of the year”, established by the Free economic society of Russia.

From the review’s annotation:

The article is a review written from the philosopher’s point of view on the new integrated educational complex “History for economists”, developed by the MSE MSU tutors first of all, for students of economic specialties of universities of the Russian Federation, which will be interesting for all lovers of history. The author believes that an integrated approach to the study of world and national history with an emphasis on identifying the relationship of economic, political, social and cultural processes makes the basis of this textbook. The article reveals the thesis that the educational complex, made taking into account the latest trends of modern humanitarian thought, is a significant step in the future of educational technologies.

Extract from review:

…in the last 2018 the team of MSE MSU historians have finished their long-term and largely unprecedented work in the area of national education. They have created an integrated education complex “History for economists”. This is the first attempt in russian higher education system to unite the economics and the history education course. It’s hard to overestimate this step. Everyone who has experienced the historic education in Russia knows that the programme basically consists of two independent blocks: national and world’s history. The course of russian history is read in such a manner as if Russia existed on Mars. According to the student’s books, the historic way of Russia almost does not depend on world processes. This way of education results in the fact that even a well-trained student is strongly unable to synchronize the event series of the history of his Fatherland and the parallel history of the neighboring countries of the East and West and is not able to comprehend the general or special in world history, as well as to see the traces of mutual influence of different civilizations. Someone else’s history teaches nothing…

That’s why a decisive attempt to overcome the traditional gap between these two historic discourses it the education was made by a MSE MSU team. In my opinion, this is one of the obvious positive sides of the new History for economists. An integrated history course gives a deeper and clearer understanding of the historical process as a whole and, what is especially important, of the national history as a part of the whole world process. Moreover, it spots the main interaction vectors between civilization at different stages of their coexistence. In short, it makes think globally. After all this said, such a student’s book decreases the number of hours needed to master the programme, what is important in the modern overloaded curricula…

The full review of S.V. Polyakova here

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