Admission To MSE

Accession Procedures

Bachelor Program
Citizens of the Russian Federation or other states, with complete secondary education are admitted.

Term of studies — 4 years, form of studies — paid, full time (day time).

Master Program
To be enrolled in the program one must be a higher school graduate, have a state bachelor, specialist or master diploma. Citizens of the Russian Federation and other states are admitted.

Terms of studies — 2 years, form of studies — paid, full time (day time and evening).

Applicants are required to submit the following documents to the Admission Service:


  • application addressed to the MSU Rector (to be fi lled in during the entry process)
  • AIS form (to be fi lled in during the entry process)
  • school-leaving certificate (original) for Bachelor Program, diploma of higher education and its two copies (certified by a notary) for Master Program
  • enclosure to the diploma for Master Program
  • 6 photos (3×4 cm)
  • Passport and copies of passport pages with applicant’s name and registration address


Documents are to be submitted by the applicant in person.

Documents are to be in Russian or have a notarized Russian translation.

A certificate of conformity is to be attached to diplomas issued beyond the Russian Federation.

Copies of licenses and accreditation of non-state higher education institutions are to be attached to diplomas issued by these institutions.

Admission Terms (2008)

Admission to the Master Program is conducted on competitive basis according to the exams results:

  1. Mathematics (written exam)
  2. General Economic Theory (written exam)
  3. English (test)

All exam results are marked on ten-point scale.

Exam program is endorsed by the Academic Council of Moscow School of Economics of M.V. Lomonosov MSU.

Disabled persons (1st and 2nd disability group) with no contra-indications as to education, certified by relevant medical expert commissions and able to physically attend lectures and seminars as well as citizens of other categories are matriculated hors concours according to Russian legislation.

Accomodation in the campus is provided to students from outside Moscow on a contract basis.

For more information see Lomonosov Moscow State University site.

Admission Commission

Address of the MSE MSU Admission Commission:
1, Building 61, Leninskie Gory, M.V. Lomonosov MSU, Moscow, Russia, 119992
Telephone/Fax: (+7 495) 510-5269, Tel. (+7 495) 510-5267.

Paid preparation courses are also available for applicants at MSE MSU.

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