About The School

Director of MSE MSU,

Alexander Nekipelov

Dear Friends!

I am glad to present you the Moscow School of Economics(MSE MSU), which is a new ambitious project carried out by M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University on the initiative of its Rector, RAS full academy member V.A.Sadovnichii. The aim of the project is to set up, in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and leading foreign educational and research centers, a complex structure, which is able to train economists on an individual basis according to the top-level international standards for federal and regional government bodies, research, higher education and business. Best scholars from RAS have been invited to teach at MSE MSU for this purpose. Students will conduct their scientificresearch work in Moscow academic institutes specializing in economics. Some specialized courses are delivered by renowned foreign scientists.

Our task is to give fundamental economic education for our graduates, provide them with scientific-research skills and teach them to professionally communicate with their foreign colleagues. Today this is inconceivable without an in-depth knowledge of mathematics and a sufficiently proficient command of English. Our students will get to learn various economic theories. However, we shall refrain from thrusting an economic ideology on them. On the contrary, our task is to ensure that our graduates acquire deep knowledge and take a few things on trust.

We do not promise that the studies will be easy. But we can promise to do our best to make studies at MSE MSU interesting and opening exciting professional perspectives to the graduates of Moscow School of Economics MSU.

We are waiting for you.

Welcome to Moscow School of Economics of Lomonosov MSU!

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